You Can Recruit – And Pet – Dogs In Ghost of Tsushima Update

One of the most highly praised elements of Sucker Punch’s open-world action-adventure title Ghost of Tsushima was the ability to pet the absolutely adorable foxes. In-game, the foxes serve a key role as messengers and guides sent by Inari, a Shinto deity frequently associated with foxes, and a guardian and protector of samurai protagonist Jin Sakai.

The foxes guide Jin to various Inari shrines scattered around the world, which he can pray at in order to earn various upgrades. After finding the shrines, you can thank the foxes by petting them – it doesn’t provide any benefits or advance the game in any way, but the little hopping motion they make after you pet them is just irresistible.

While several dogs appeared throughout Ghost of Tsushima’s open world, Jin was not able to pet them as he could the foxes. However, Sucker Punch has officially confirmed that Jin can pet dogs as of the game’s free Version 1.1 update, which will debut on October 16.

The update will allow players who have already completed the game to start a “New Game+”, which will come with several powerful new charms to equip. One of these is the Charm of Canine Recruitment, which will allow Jin to turn dogs into valuable combat allies by petting them. Check out this official Tweet which shows Jin befriending a dog – and yes, it’s just as cute as fans hoped it would be!

In addition to New Game+, Version 1.1 will also add a co-op mode called Legends, in which two to four players can team up to complete a variety of missions which will expand the lore of Tsushima. Some of these missions will see players journeying to the spirit realm and encountering mystical creatures – including spirit dogs. And yes, Jin can pet them too!

Happy dog-petting, Tsushima fans!

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Voice of the People
Voice of the People
3 years ago