Zoe Mode believe a Kinect less Xbox One will kill the chances of ever making an original Kinect game

Microsoft has just announced they are doing a new version of the Xbox One that is cheaper by not including the Kinect, this by some exrent is Microsofts attempt to push forward by offering a cheaper option with the console. From a consumers point of view this is not a bad thing but not everyone is happy about Microsoft’s decision

Zoe Mode studio head Paul Mottram understands Microsoft’s decision to release a Kinect-less Xbox One SKU, but feels that it may not be the best thing from a developer standpoint.

Mottram has told Develop that removing the Kinect as an essential part of the Xbox One is a shame, and that it all but kills the chances for making an original Kinect title, unles it is a majorly lisenced fitness or Dance product. He even sees these types of titles suffering in the wake of this announcement as the Kinect 2 will fail to bring in the install base of the original.

Here is Mottram’s full comment:

We’ve been closely involved with Microsoft over the last few years and I imagine this decision wasn’t taken lightly, but it’s understandable as they need to compete with the PS4 on price. However, whilst it wasn’t perfect, Kinect helped differentiate the platforms, which can only be a good thing.

“From a developer point of view it’s a shame, as it all but kills the chances of making an original Kinect title unless it is a major licensed Fitness or Dance product – and even those will suffer as it’s unlikely we’ll see Kinect 2 units even come close to the installed base of the original now. Even then it was a challenge.

“I just feel sorry for those developers who had Kinect titles in development who’ve had the rug pulled from beneath them and may now stand little chance of seeing a return on their investment. I still hope to see a killer use for Kinect that will change the minds of the doubters and hopefully ID@Xbox program will help make this happen, as smaller developers may try something new with the peripheral that mainstream publishers would were not willing to gamble on.”

Once I see this statement I do see that Microsoft has not really considered the developers in their decision and have only gone in pursuit of money, Paul Mottram has said it all and how I see it after what was a more or less failure on the part of the first Kinect I don’t see the Xbox One Kinect really doing much better know but perhaps we will be proven wrong who knows.

Source: Gaming Everything

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