Astro’s A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

Posted on Jul 30 2012 - 4:11pm by Bryan Gonzalez
Astro’s A50 Wireless Gaming Headset
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Astro A50’s Wireless Gaming Headset is estimated to be $300 dollars worth.  Quite on the expensive side, but is it worth every penny?  Many may say that it is close to being the “perfect gaming headset”  to ever cross the gaming industry.

Astro’s new A50 headset is an overall headset.  Given that Astro is on the rise of releasing the A50’s, it does hold its own as being one of the highest-quality gaming accessories that you can purchase.  This is the continuation of the Astro A40’s which made an impact these past years.  And compared to the A40’s, the A50’s have new features that improve functionality.

 The specs of the Astro A50’s:

  • Ships with– A50 Headset with Li-Ion Battery, Astro Wireless 5.8 Ghz Transmitter w/ KleerNet™, Headset Stand, 1.0M USB Power Cable, 0.5M USB Charging Cable, 1.0M Optical Cable, 1.5M XBOX Live® Chat Cable
  • Transducer Principle: Open Air
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20,000 KHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 48 ohm
  • Weight w/o cable: 0.81 lbs/363 grams
  • Characteristic SPL: 118 db @ 1kHz
  • Ear Coupling: Over-Ear
  • Distortion: THD<1%
  • Connector: 2.5mm XBOX Live® chat port, Mini-USB port
  • Microphone: 6.0mm uni-directional noise canceling
  • Power Supply: USB mini-B [USB 2.0 compatible]
  • Battery Life: 12+ Hours
  • Frequency Response: 35-20,000 Hx
  • Wireless Radio: 5.8GHz STS Module
  • Inputs: Optical In, AUX In [3.5mm]
  • Outputs: Optical Passthrough, USB Power & Voice, USB Charging Port
The official Astro A50’s Wireless Headset Trailer: