The Toys…

1. Nintendo Switch Carrying Case With Legend of Zelda Sheikah Slate Design

Keep your Nintendo Switch console safe and protected at all times with this shock-resistant padded case featuring a stunning design inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Slate. This design features the stylized Sheikah eye and is available in red, blue and purple color schemes. There’s even a bonus zipper pull medallion featuring an extra Sheikah-inspired design! This one of a kind amazing deal bundle also comes with a tempered glass screen protector, an aromatic deodorant sachet, two adorable rubber joystick caps with a paw design, and festive gift wrap and ribbons. It’s truly the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life!

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2. Rotor Riot Mobile Game & Drone Controller

Like gaming? Like drones? Ever wished that you could have one controller which worked for both your favorite mobile games AND your drone? Well, now, you can! This exciting new controller from Rotor Riot features a unique mobile device clip which allows you to attach your phone to your controller while enjoying your favorite battle royale game or anything else that your mobile device has to offer! This controller is compatible with devices running iOS 7 or later- plus, it can sync up with over 1000 popular mobile apps. Gameplay is easier and smoother than ever before with multiple buttons and an uninterrupted lag-free experience.

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3. Studded Silicone Protective Sleeve for PlayStation 4 Controller

Keep your controller safe AND your hands comfortable and secure with this studded silicone protective sleeve. Compatible with DualShock controllers for the PlayStation 4, Slim and Pro, this sleeve leaves all your buttons uncovered and easy to access while keeping your controller safe from damage, wear and tear. It also comes with protective plugs to keep the USB and earphone ports free from dust, as well as 8 different soft rubber thumb grips for keeping your joysticks safe and covered. Plus, add a fashionable touch to your PlayStation with over a dozen colors and designs to choose from including skulls, camo, graffiti, rainbows, 100 dollar bills and more!

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4. GUNNAR Tinted Gaming and Computer Eyewear

Love gaming all day and night, but hate the eye strain that inevitably comes with the experience? Well, worry no more! Say good bye to eye strain permanently with these special protective lenses from GUNNAR. The unique amber tint of these lenses is designed to protect you from harmful blue light rays which come from spending hours in front of your screen. Plus, the unique design and shape of the lens reduces digital eye strain, prevents dry eyes and even helps you sleep better at night! A special coating keeps painful, headache-inducing glare away from your eyes at all times. Stay safe and look stylish at the exact same time!

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5. Divoom Tivoo Max Portable Bluetooth LED Speaker

This compact, adorable speaker features 2.1 stereo audio plus an active subwoofer – unbeatable power in such a small package! This Bluetooth speaker plays both your favorite music and your game audio in clear, crisp quality with no distortion – an absolute pleasure to the ears! Plus, you can customize the look of your speaker by using over 200 programmable LED lights to create your ideal color and design. Personalize your speaker and never lose track of which one’s yours even when gaming with your friends! Additionally features over 30 useful daily life tools including an alarm function, voice memo, and compatibility with apps including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more!

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…And the Games!

6. The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation 4

Explore a beautiful yet dangerous post-apocalyptic world in highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning The Last of Us. Follow the story of Ellie as she struggles along her journey, connects and develops relationships with fellow survivors, uncovers secrets, and much much more. This complex story filled with real emotions and deep, complex moral questions will leave you thinking about it weeks or even months after you’ve finished playing. Purchasing through Amazon can even let you unlock in-game bonuses such as extra ammo and gun upgrades.

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7. Persona 5 Royal for PlayStation 4

Become a Phantom Thief in this highly rated latest entry in the popular Persona adventure – action – role-playing game series. Unlock the power of your inner strength and summon hundreds of Personas. Fight unique enemies using swords, guns and elemental magic as you explore a wide range of dungeons. Get to know your classmates and neighbors and build close friendships which can even help you in battle. (Maybe you’ll even find love!) Uncover a dark secret hidden within the hearts of the people of Tokyo in one of the most highly praised JRPGs of all time. Hours and hours of thieving adventure guaranteed!

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8. Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch

You’re a kid, you’re a squid, you’re a squid kid now! Grab your ink shooter and take to the streets as you step into the sneakers of an adorable Inkling. Compete in team and individual competitions using local and online multiplayer functionality. Customize your ideal play experience using the JoyCons or the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Enjoy special events including “SplatFests” and more. Now featuring new weapons including the ability to dual wield as well as upgraded versions of the popular Splat Roller and Splat Charger items. Can you cover the entire territory with ink before your opponent does? Find out now with Splatoon 2!

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9. The Evil Within 2 for Xbox One

Experience the horror classic at a never-before-seen discount – up to 85% off the list price. That’s definitely a SCARY good deal! Fight your way through thrill- and scare-filled nightmare realms as you enter the mind of a tortured hero searching for his missing daughter. Choose between stealth- and action-based combat styles to truly customize your gaming experience. Choose between Casual, Survival and Nightmare gameplay modes – you can ease yourself into the game, or jump right into to the absolutely terrifying higher difficulty levels. A world of nightmares awaits for you to explore – and at an all-time low price!

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10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch and Wii U

With the announcement of the upcoming prequel Age of Calamity, there’s no better time to try out the open world adventure that started it all. Explore the stunningly designed realm of Hyrule as hero Link attempts to recover his memories and learn exactly what brought the world to ruin many years in the past. Solve puzzles, collect new weapons and skills, and interact with characters from a variety of fantasy civilizations (and perhaps even build your own). Experience one of the most successful and highly rated games of all time at a brand new low price, only from Amazon.

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