10 Smash Fighters That Will Totally Be Revealed At The Game Awards

We’ve got confirmation that a new fighter from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 DLC pack will be revealed at tonight’s Game Awards. Here are the GameLuster staff’s ten most viable guesses for the new fighter’s identity:

Honorable Mentions: Reggie Fils-Aime, Sakurai himself, that weird lump of flesh you play as in Carrion, Mai Shiranui (because seriously, since when have Smash players been good children), Cooking Mama, Fire Emblem’s Marth but without his pants this time

10. The Nintendo Wii Loading Screen

Smash 10

You know that screen that showed up before playing practically ANY game on the Nintendo Wii, reminding you to wear the Wiimote’s wrist strap? Even several years and consoles later, Nintendo is still worried about Wii player safety. They will combat rampant Wiimote-caused injuries by releasing the loading screen as a fighter, complete with a Final Smash which provides step-by-step instructions for putting on your wrist strap.

9. A Pinata from Viva Piñata

Smash 9

It has been over a decade since the last game in the Viva Piñata series released – so, clearly, it’s time for a series reboot! The reboot announcement will come alongside a reveal of a Viva Piñata fighter for Smash. The piñata will have a distraction-focused move set, with the ability to scatter candy around the battlefield to entice their opponents into picking it up instead of attacking them.

8. Santa Claus

Smash 8

With Christmas just two weeks away, Nintendo will announce none other than Jolly Old St. Nicholas himself as the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter. He’ll be able to summon reindeer in battle, and run things over with his sleigh as a Final Smash – but wait! What’s that? Oh, it’s not St. Nick at all – the fighter is ACTUALLY Hitman’s Agent 47 in a Santa outfit. Uh…Merry Christmas, we guess?

7. Tub Geralt


The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia will appear in Smash, but not in the form which fans might have been expecting. Bored of all the fighting, and having already done his one requisite guest appearance in the Soulcalibur series, the White Wolf will refuse to get out of the bath. Instead of swords and signs, his move set will focus entirely on bashing enemies with his tub. Also, the music track bundled with his appearance will be an off-key vuvuzela cover of “Toss a Coin To Your Witcher.” This is what fans wanted, right?

6. Matt from Wii Sports

Smash 6

Some might think that Matt would work better as a Mii Fighter costume, or perhaps an Echo Fighter for the Wii Fit trainer. But nope, this many-time boxing champion would settle for no less than being a fighter in his own right. With his powerful abilities and mastery of every single sport known to mankind, Matt will be an absolutely unbeatable opponent. Choosing Matt will mean that you will automatically win the match – but all your friends will probably wind up hating you in the process.

5. Featuring Dante From Devil May Cry

Smash 5

No, no, don’t get excited. Dante from the Devil May Cry series is not coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The playable fighter is in fact the sticker reading “Featuring Dante From The Devil May Cry Series” which originally appeared on the box of Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call, the European release of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Despite what it says, the sticker doesn’t even have the power to summon Dante. What a rip-off.

4. Angry Melee Players

Smash 4

Tired of all their tournaments being cancelled, these competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee players have taken matters into their own hands. They have invaded Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and become playable fighters in their own right. They are powered by fury, and their moveset works by making them angrier and angrier until they finally explode in a Final Smash where they summon every single Smash player – and probably overload your console/gaming rig while doing so. Oops?

3. The Impostor from Among Us

Smash 3

2020 hit Among Us makes it way to Smash with The Impostor, who ruins the original game’s central idea of stealth and “trust nobody” because you know from the minute the match starts that he’s the Impostor. With his short stubby legs and long kill timer, he’s pretty easy to avoid. You won’t be seeing much of him in competitive play. His Final Smash is forcing other players to do their tasks. You know, unlike actual Among Us players, who take way too long to do their tasks and let everyone get killed in the process.

2. Hideo Kojima & Norman Reedus Duo

Smash 2

Like the Ice Climbers, Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus will appear together as a single Fighter. They are absolutely inseparable – if one of them gets knocked off the battlefield, it counts as a KO for both. Their attacks including throwing sushi, powering themselves up by taking selfies, and offering the other players a chance to cameo in their next game. Their Final Smash involves creating an entire full-length game, which is so complex that other players then spend the rest of the match debating its meaning.

1. Nintendo’s Lawyers

Smash 1

They get more powerful with every cease and desist order they issue. Your weapon? Copyrighted. Your attacks? Better not use them or you’ll get sued. Rumor has it that their Final Smash issues a cease and desist against Super Smash Bros. Ultimate itself, which then causes the game to self-destruct so that you can’t play it anymore. Nobody knows because they are far too afraid to try it out.

Who do YOU hope will be the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter? Let us know – and don’t forget to check out GameLuster all day long for up-to-the-minute coverage of The Game Awards!

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