6 Things We Need To See In The Next “Star Wars Jedi” Sequel

If you’re anything like us, then you really had a fun time with EA and Respawn’s latest Star Wars-centered title, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. A game that took what its predecessor did so well and nearly perfected it, Jedi: Survivor really defines how great a game can be even if based on a longstanding IP. And it’s quite possibly the best Star Wars game ever made. Though, it isn’t entirely perfect, as there are still things that players are hungry to see in its possible sequel. There are quite a few that we had in mind, and have decided to list them all here! So, let’s take a look at each one and explain how they could fit into what the next Jedi game could offer.

Red Lightsaber Blades

Darth Maul Animated
Image via Star Wars/Disney

Jumping right into the depend; there’s no doubt that Cal Kestis is definitely fighting something big internally throughout the entirety of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. So it would only make sense that he embrace a bit more of that dark side in the third and possibly final game. This would hopefully allow payers to finally be able to use red blades at their Workbench. Who wouldn’t want a double-sided red lightsaber like the iconic Darth Maul? Maybe he could even appear in the game to lead Cal through the journey.


Boba Fett
Image via Star Wars/Disney

If there was one thing that was heavily hinted at multiple times throughout Jedi: Survivor, Cal was most definitely jealous of all of the jetpack users surrounding him. He even quips at one point with something along the lines of” When am I going to get one of those?”. The next game is going to need to take traversal a step further, and what better way to do that than to add jetpacks for Cal to use? It isn’t something players have seen in a single-player Star Wars game since Star Wars: Bounty Hunter in 2002.

Dark Side Force Abilities

Rey Skywalker and Ben Solo Fight
Image via Star Wars/Disney

If Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is anything to go off of, then the path of a Force user really is up to themselves and not some black-or-white choice between good and evil. And like Rey Skywalker, Cal could embrace his Dark Side abilities and use them to his own advantage. It would be insanely fun to see from a story perspective, but also just fun to use overall. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was a blast to play because of powers such as these, and giving players that Force lightning back would be amazing to see. Force choke would be a great ability to upgrade, with Cal becoming stronger with it over time too. Starting from a way to stun enemies and then turning into a lethal tactic in itself. That brings with it the fact that there are some skill-tree elements that could be woven in there.

Driveable Vehicles

Anakin Skywalker Podracer
Image via Star Wars/Disney

As if floating around with a jetpack wouldn’t be fun enough, the inclusion of driveable vehicles would be a welcomed gameplay element. Cal has driven AT-ATs, speeders, and starships during cutscenes or short gameplay stints, but players really haven’t gotten much time behind the wheel of vehicles in an open-world sense. Jedi: Survivor introduced the ability for Cal to ride inhabitant animals of various planets he explored. This past game was a bigger experience than Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so naturally, the next game should be even bigger, with worlds too big to simply get around with small animals. Enter, vehicles!

Bigger Set Pieces

Anakin Skywalker 501st
Image via Star Wars/Disney

As Cal’s journey continues, he’s growing not only a larger group of core members to his team but a longer following of other followers, thanks to the help he lends to Rebellion-adjacent actions. With such elements being further woven into the story, it would be amazing to see some bigger set pieces take place in the next game. We’ve gotten to see the Emperor’s Palace on Coruscant, but how much fun would it be to see Cal return there for a final battle, with his followers trying to take siege of it?

Another Cal Vs. Vader Duel

Darth Vader
Image via Star Wars/Disney

That last piece would perfectly tie into this one. I simply want to see a much stronger Cal take on Vader for a final stand. When they first battled in Jedi: Fallen Order, Cal was but a Padawan. In Jedi: Survivor, he’s more of a Jedi Knight. And with this next chapter, it would make sense to see Cal come into his strongest final form as a Master, and take the fight directly to Darth Vader in that final siege. Ultimately, Cal may perish, as he has yet to be connected to canon past his games, so he may have to die whilst helping others to escape, or something along those lines.

But, those are what we think are some interesting things that we’d like to see in the next Star Wars Jedi game from EA and Respawn. What do you think about our choices, and what would you like to see? Comment below to let us know!

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3 months ago

killing cal is kind of a lazy ending. they’re obviously going to have him appear in later star wars shows, they’d be idiotic if they didn’t have him make an appearance. Maybe the has It where the empire invades tanalorr and Cal flees to the new beyond.