7 Best Shotgun Skins in CS2


Shotguns are CS2 weapons, and their skins can make your weapons look even cooler. With lots of designs to choose from, finding the perfect one is part of the fun. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of shotgun skins in CS2 and discuss how you can add them to your collection. Let’s explore which shotgun skins will take your game to the next level!

What are Shotguns?

Shotguns are powerful guns that shoot lots of small bullets or one big bullet at once. They’re often used for hunting or self-defence because they’re good at hitting targets up close. In CS2, shotguns are strong weapons for fighting in close spaces. They can cause a lot of damage to enemies, especially when you’re in tight spots. CS2 has different types of shotguns to pick from, like ones you have to pump or ones that shoot automatically. You can also make your shotgun look cool with different designs, just like other guns in CS2.

Best Shotgun Skins in CS2

These are the top shotgun skins, no matter your reason for wanting one:

MAG-7 | Bulldozer

The MAG-7 | Bulldozer was introduced to the game in 2013, featuring a sleek and minimalist design. The receiver and handle are painted in a solid yellow hue, while the remaining body is coated in dark grey. The skin’s price varies widely, ranging from £3.25 to $110, depending on its wear condition. Typically, the battle-scarred version is priced the lowest, while the factory new version commands the highest price.

XM1014 | XOXO

The XM1014 | XOXO can be added to your inventory for a small price, starting at $0.77 for the well-worn version. Additionally, there is a StatTrak option available for this skin, allowing you to track the kills you make using it. However, the price for the StatTrak option will be higher across all wear levels. The skin is classified as a rarity, with a 4.8% drop chance.

Sawed-Off | Wasteland Princess

The Sawed-Off | Wasteland Princess is a shotgun known for its intricate design. Its receiver is painted white, while its play side features a collage of diverse images, including female lips, pink rabbits, and falling black missiles. Despite its complexity, this skin is favoured by numerous professional players, including KRIMZ and Bondik.

Sawed-Off | Kiss ♥ Love

If you’re naturally romantic or have a love for anime, consider opting for the Sawed-Off | Kiss ♥ Love skin. Just kidding around, but doesn’t the skin’s colour and name give off those vibes? Anyways, you can obtain this skin from the Recoil case, and there’s also a StatTrak feature available for it. If you already have it, feel free to enhance it further with stickers like Kawaii T (Holo).

XM1014 | Incinegator

If the skin’s name reminds you of an alligator, you’re pretty much on track. The shotgun’s body is decorated with an image of a creature resembling an alligator spitting fire, and its price falls within the same range as the other mentioned skins.

Sawed-Off | Apocalypto

Equip the Sawed-Off | Apocalypto to fend off apocalyptic threats. The shotgun’s body is painted in various shades of purple and features an image of a teal decomposing hand reaching for a bomb-like planet. Despite its menacing design, this skin ranks among the top three most affordable shotgun skins in the game, with even the factory new version featuring a StatTrak feature available for just $3.5.

XM1014 | Bone Machine

You will probably have XM1014 | Bone Machine as a drop in the game, given its over 80% drop chance, which could be a valuable asset in your CS2 case battles. Despite this high drop rate, the skin is priced slightly higher compared to other shotgun skin options available. Additionally, there is a Souvenir option available for this skin, which may cause the price to be slightly higher. XM1014 | Bone Machine is a sought-after choice among CS2 players.

How to Get These Skins

Obtaining shotgun skins in CS2 can be done through various methods, offering players flexibility in acquiring their desired designs.

Firstly, players have the chance to receive shotgun skins as drops while playing the game. These drops occur randomly at the end of matches, providing players with a chance to obtain skins without spending any money. Secondly, players can engage in trading with others. This involves exchanging unwanted skins for shotgun skins they desire through trading platforms, forums, or in-game trading systems. It’s essential to research the value of skins and negotiate trades wisely to ensure a fair exchange. Lastly, players can participate in community servers where custom maps and game modes are hosted. Some community servers offer rewards or events where players can earn shotgun skins by participating in matches or completing specific objectives.


In conclusion, shotguns offer a unique canvas for players to personalise their gameplay experience in CS2. Compared to other weapons, shotgun skins often feature more colourful and futuristic designs, which can be either highly favoured or disliked by players. You’re already acquainted with the top shotgun skins, so choose the ones that catch your eye, get one, and start enjoying the game!

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