8 Abilities In Video Games We Wish We Had

‘What superpower do you wish you had?’ It’s an all too common question we always seem to get asked either by our friends out of boredom or when someone is trying to get to know you.

Answers use to range from flying to reading someone’s mind or even the super cheesy x-ray vision. Luckily with the type of awesome video games we have access to today, it gives us a fresh and cool answer the next time we get asked ‘If you could have any superpower, what would you want?’ Here’s a list of some of the most cool and unique abilities presented in video games these days!


Plasmids/Vigors – Bioshock

As we play begin playing Bioshock, plasmids and vigors might seem super cool and useful..however, as we delve deeper into the game, it’s pretty clear to see that altering someone’s DNA is risky business. In this once underwater utopia, we learn about how the society began to crumble during the fight between Atlas and Ryan. To make things worse, the revolutionary substance called Adam – that gave people abilities like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis and shooting wasps from your hands – was discovered to be dangerous to people’s minds and bodies. The already divided city was destroyed by it’s own citizens who only cared about their next fix and would kill anyone who got in the way. You’d think a city with such great minds living in it could have foreseen such a problem or at least know how to fix it, right?  


Rewinding – Life Is Strange

Nothing seems quite as useful in everyday life as the power to rewind. Were you late to school or work? Say the wrong thing to someone? Crack your phone screen? Or there is the case of Max Caulfield in Life is Strange. After she saw a girl die a horrible death in the girls bathroom of her high school, Max willed herself to go back in time, moments before the incident occurred. This incident allowed her to discover her ability to reverse time alter the course of future events. Of course, Max is presented with a bunch of difficult choices throughout the game. And as she learns, sometimes not doing anything is the best choice. Damn butterfly effect.


Devil Trigger – Devil May Cry

Being half human, half demon is already pretty awesome all by itself – imagine having the ability of accelerated healing, heightened strength and speed, durability in any weather and coming out of every fight barely scathed. Well Dante in the Devil May Cry series began to display these abilities at a young age – no wonder this guy is so cocky. On top of all that, his arsenal of weapons like the pistols Ebony & Ivory and his swords makes him nearly undefeatable in fights. And of course, what good would having demon blood running through your veins be if you couldn’t access it? Dante can also call upon his demon heritage and access ‘Devil Trigger’ which transforms him into his true demon form and makes all of his aforementioned abilities even more lethal.


Conduits – Infamous

Our favourite lighting-wielding conduit, Cole Mcgrath, demonstrates just how fun his ability is as he runs around the city completing quests for better or for worse. Cole carries ‘the conduit gene’, which he only discovers he has by accident when the game starts. Finding out you have an ability might be kind of difficult (and potentially dangerous) but the array of abilities Conduits have is pretty epic! Some of them include cryokinesis, flying and even shapeshifting!


Mind Hacking – Remember Me

Imagine a real messed up version of 1984 where those in power can not only always be watching you – but also keep tabs on your memories. That’s basically the forces behind Memorize in the game Remember Me. It’s the year 2084 in a futuristic version of Paris and a group called Memorize has allowed people to install an implant in their brain called Sensation Engine that allows them to upload their memories to the net. However, people can also remove them. The main character, Nilin, is a captive at first who is about to have her final memories wiped for good. Luckily, a mysterious man helps her escape just in time and she joins the rebel force called Errorists. Nilin learns that she has the ability to not only get into people’s minds, but also remove and remix them – a very unique but scary power if I do say so.


Communicating with the Dead – Beyond: Two Souls

Okay, there are some pretty terrifying things that happen to Jodie when ‘the monsters’ strike. But being born with powerful psychic abilities and a lifelong friend named Aiden, Jodie is never truly alone. Aiden is an entity that has stayed by Jodie’s side all her life and though she didn’t always want him to be there, Aiden becomes a major part of her life. Throughout the game, Jodie uses her powers both for good and bad (depending on player choices) like reconnecting a man who just faced a major loss with his dead family or using it to sneak out of the facility for some fun. For those of us who aren’t scared easily, communicating with the dead is a pretty intense and powerful ability.


VATS – Fallout Series

VATS is an ability most vault dwellers acquire with their Pip Boy. Allowing time to slow before they attack their enemy, a person with VATS is able to focus his shot on one particular part of the body and even observe which one would do the most damage. This ability is useful both when your up against a group or sniping someone from far to make sure you score the perfect head shot.


Biotics – Mass Effect

With the help of bio-amps and either being exposed to element-zero or having it passed onto you by your parents, anyone can run around with this ability. Biotics are divided into 3 categories that include telekinetic powers, throwing heavy objects around, making protective shields and opening vortices that tear things apart. However, one downside is that developing, controlling or even just discovering these powers can be difficult unless you’re of the asari race (who are all born with one of these abilities).

Do you dream about having any of these abilities?

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