A Flappy Bird MMO has arrived. What has the world come to!?!

Flappy Bird and its’ predecessor clones have been the buzz of the internet for last week,but now there is another Flappy Bird clone game.This time,you can play with friends and strangers. More specifically,1000 friends and strangers.

That’s right folks! Flappy Bird has received the MMO interpretation.You can play your favorite broken-bird game with 1000 other people simultaneously.Yeah,1000 other people. I don’t know what to say about society. This is the maximum of failure about the Flappy Bird hype there can be. I will never cover another Flappy Bird story again. I Promise.

The Flappy Bird MMO is free and is within browser. Any computer can run the game,even Windows 98.

Flappy Bird Massive Mutiplayer game: FlapMMO

This is what around 1000 people looks like. Pretty Accurate.
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