What the heck are Steam Tags?

If Valve is good at one thing,it’s evolutionizing their product. They have been doing it more frequently than ever in the last year with their PC client Steam by allowing user reviews and having collectible trading cards. But now they have created a new concept to the PC gaming platform known as Steam Tags. This new feature will allow users to leave custom-made tags for specific games so other users can have an easier finding a game that fits their style. For example,a game like L.A. Noire has the tags of strategy and adventure;user created tags would follow along the lines of gritty,noir,dark,and mystery.This new feature will allow users to browse by tags so they find games quicker and under their interest.The tags will be language sensitive, so two different languages will have two different sets of tags. This is all community driven,so to have your tag appear to other users,more users would have to write that same tag. Also,you can’t have curse words as tags.I know you were thinking of doing that.

The Steam Tag system is currently in beta,but will be fully optimal when the tweaks are worked out. I think this is a great concept and it will benefit the community. Good work Valve!


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