Fortnite players, beware! The free-to-play multiplayer battle royale has been invaded by the deadly Xenomorph, the infamous foe from the Alien film series. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Alongside the Xenomorph, heroic alien hunter Ellen Ripley will also be joining the battle.

Both Ripley & the Xenomorph skins will be available to purchase in the Fortnite store, according to an announcement made by the Fortnite Team on February 25th, 2021.

Ripley is available in two outfits, her standard getup and her Nostromo Crew gear. She wields a powerful weapon and comes with the Weyland-Yutani Cat Carrier, complete with her beloved pet Jonesy the Cat.

As frightening as ever, the villainous Xenomorph is made even more terrifying with the Xenomorph Tail Back Bling and a unique built-in emote referred to as “Xeno Menace”.

In addition to the two new hunters joining the fray, a bundle of Alien-themed gear is also available for purchase. It features the P-500 Power Loader Arm Pickaxe, the Cheyenne Dropship, and a new emote which Fortnite players will be absolutely bursting to show off. That’s right, Fortnite’s newest emote features the signature “chest burster” scene from the Alien films, but, instead of a Xenomorph, it’s the game’s signature llama mascot doing the bursting out of players’ chests!

Ripley and the Xenomorph are part of the latest season of Fortnite, which has featured a number of pop culture crossovers based on famous “hunters” from throughout the multiverse. Previously added skins have included God of War’s Kratos, the titular Mandalorian, and several heroes from the Walking Dead. Other recent crossovers have included a skin based on The Flash and tons of cool gear inspired by the movie Tron.

Will you be dressing up as the heroic Ripley in battle, or do you prefer the villainous Xenomorph? Let us know!

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