All (Almost) Quiet on the Enlisted Front

Late March and early April brought real cannonade of news regarding MMO WWII shooter Enlisted. We got our first official look at gameplay as the title entered its Pre-Alpha testing. YouTubers such as MathChief showed off footage from the game, highlighting its squad-based gameplay and detailed reproduction of real-life crucial World War II battles.

On April 3, the official Enlisted Web site celebrated the successful completion of the testing period by releasing key statistics. Over 40,000 players participated in the test, racking up a combined total of nearly 8,000 hours of gameplay. Developers Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software also reportedly collected over 50 pages of feedback to further improve the Enlisted experience.

Set in World War II and treating each battle as a separate, unique campaign, Enlisted is being developed for PC utilizing the Dagor Engine. It is not officially a sequel or prequel to 2016’s plane-based shooter War Thunder. It will focus on ground combat as players control squads of infantry to re-enact battles with up to 140 soldiers on the field. However, Gaijin Entertainment has hinted that there will be yet-unrevealed connections between Enlisted and War Thunder.

Additionally, like War Thunder, Enlisted will focus heavily on the accuracy, limiting players to period-appropriate gear and equipment. “You cannot use equipment from 1945 in a battle that took place in 1941,” explains the game’s official press kit.

Now, Gaijin and Darkflow are taking applications for participation in the upcoming Enlisted alpha test, which will begin on an as-yet-unannounced date. To apply, players must create an authorized account on the official Enlisted Web site. The developers plan to test features that would make Enlisted unique among the wargaming genre, including the ability to swap weapons and AI-controlled characters and squads between players.

Hopefully, more Enlisted news will be forthcoming as the Alpha testing period kicks into gear.

Will you be applying for the Enlisted alpha test? Are you excited for the game? Let us know!

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