13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a compelling title that combines deep, narrative- and lore-rich visual novel segments with challenging tactical battles against seemingly endless hordes of enemy Kaiju. It is also a game that features some of the most delicious-looking food this side of a Hayao Miyazaki film.

Food is an important part of the story in 13 Sentinels – as characters travel between various time periods, they discover new dishes while being forced to leave behind some of their old favorites. Multiple in-game scenes center around what characters are eating or wish to eat, and several characters can purchase or cook food at multiple points during their story mode. Many of these dishes even appear as Files players can unlock via Mystery Points, allowing them to learn more about each tasty treat.

Here is each piece of food that plays a major role in 13 Sentinels, ranked from the one I want to eat least to the one I want to eat most. For the purpose of this article, I limited it to foods that have unique art in-game, so that no dish would have an unfair advantage over the others. Without further ado, here is roughly the order in which I would attack a 13 Sentinels-themed buffet of treats:

14. Canned Cat Food

Sentinels CatFood

OK, this one is a bit of a joke, but it’s listed alongside the other “food” items that have Mystery Files, so I couldn’t not include it. This canned cat food is the favorite of Fluffy, a feline who hangs around Sakura High School. Luckily, Fluffy never has to worry about finding someone to feed him – he’s got plenty of students wrapped around his little paw! Would I eat it? Nope. Would I buy a can for Fluffy? Absolutely!

13. Chocolate From 2025

Sentinels 2025Chocolate

We know very little about this chocolate bar, except that it was popular in the year 2025. It is described as having a fruity taste and melting in your mouth, which sounds nice, but the in-game image for this specific item is a generic-looking bar of chocolate, so I simply can’t rank it any higher. This classic treat just isn’t as exciting as some of the other dishes 13 Sentinels offers.

12. Tamao’s Ohagi

Sentinels TamaosOhagi

Tamao Kurabe made these sweet dumplings herself, and they come in multiple flavors: azuki (red bean)and kinako (roasted soy flour). I’m a big fan of traditional Japanese desserts, so normally I’d rank this a lot higher, but the description of this item indicates that Tamao didn’t add quite enough sugar to her homemade desserts. Oops!

11. Hot Dogs

Sentinels HotDog

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good hot dog. Sometimes, all you want is the simplicity of a nice wiener in a fluffy bun topped with mustard or perhaps ketchup. But the hot dogs Iori Fuyusaka and her friends enjoy in 13 Sentinels are apparently seasoned with chili sauce, which sounds much less appealing to me. I’d probably pass unless I was like, really hungry.

10. Canned Soda From 2025

Sentinels 2025Soda

This 2025 treat edges out the chocolate only because I’m curious to know how food tastes in the future, and there’s a lot more you can do with a can of soda than with a generic-looking chocolate bar. The in-game description mentions that this soda is made with a fruit called the custard apple, which I’m actually not sure I’ve ever tried before in my life, so I’d definitely give it a few sips.

9. Soft Serve

Sentinels SoftServe

This one just feels…generic. Sure, vanilla flavored soft serve in a cone sounds delicious, and is definitely a refreshing treat you can enjoy on a spring or summer afternoon – just as Iori Fuyusaka, Tomi Kisaragi, and Miwako Sawatari do in 13 Sentinels. But there are other much more exciting-sounding items further up on this list, so this one unfortunately comes in towards the bottom of the ranking simply for its plainness.

8. Yakitori

Sentinels Yakitori

Grilled chicken on a stick, perfect for eating on the go and a staple of summer festivals and street stalls in Japan. According to this item’s in-game description, the yakitori in 13 Sentinels is made with onions and a dash of “secret sauce” that provides a unique flavor that’s hard to get tired of. Yet another classic dish on this list that isn’t as flashy as some higher-ranked items, but is still enjoyable and provides a nice, filling meal.

7. Nikuman

Sentinels Nikuman

Nikuman edges out yakitori ever so slightly because this soft, juicy meat bun also features a delicious, flavorful exterior that both adds to the experience and makes the bun easier to hold and eat while walking and chatting. Iori and her friends are mentioned to enjoy eating their nikuman with mustard, which is a solid choice, although I personally prefer mine with a little soy sauce and ginger paste.

6. Bento With Meatballs

Sentinels BentoWithMeatballs

My favorite thing about bento lunchboxes is their tendency to contain multiple small portions of various dishes, allowing you to enjoy lots of your favorite flavors without the risk of getting overly full too quickly. This bento, one of the many lunches Megumi Yakushiji makes for herself and her classmates, features a large helping of meatballs alongside boiled spinach, sauteed squash, an omelette, hijiki, kinpira gobo, and a large pickled plum.

5. Pear Tart

Sentinels PearTart

This delectable dessert is mentioned in-game to sell out more quickly than any other offering at a local bake shop which Tomi Kisaragi enjoys. She supposedly ate at least one slice every single week – and I can definitely understand why! The flaky, golden crust and delicate interior combine to create an absolutely tasty-looking treat that could serve as the perfect dessert after practically any meal.

4. Dinner From The Other Night

Sentinels DinnerFromOtherNight

Another of Megumi Yakushiji’s culinary creations, this dinner includes salt-grilled mackerel, rolled omelette, simmered chicken and vegetables, miso soup, and rice. Although it features fewer dishes overall than the bento lunchbox she makes, I ranked this dinner higher because of how delicious the grilled fish looks as well as my personal fondness for miso soup. After all, who can say no to a home-cooked meal?

3. Strawberry Crepes

Sentinels StrawberryCrepe

Of the treats that Iori, Tomi, and Miwako enjoy together while walking home from school, these classic on-the-go desserts rank the highest. Crepes are a yummy explosion of flavor that combine cream, fruit and sauce for a sweet summertime treat. However, the crepes rank this high because I’m only counting Tomi’s sweet strawberry and cream flavor – if the banana and mayonnaise monstrosity Iori orders were on the list, these crepes would be showing up far lower down. That doesn’t sound like an appetizing combination!

2. “Hemborger”

Sentinels Hemborger

When Keitaro Miura time travels from the 1940s to the 1980s, he quickly falls in love with two things: Natsuno Minami and hamburger steak…or, as he calls it, “hemborger.” Throughout the game, Miura’s thoughts are quite literally occupied by memories of this savory dish, which traditionally consists of a thick meat patty covered in sauce and served with a side of vegetables of your choice. “Hemborger” became so popular, localizer Atlus even released a Miura-approved recipe for fans to make themselves!

1. Yakisoba Pan

Sentinels YakisobaPan

Of course, the top two spots on this list came down to the two foods that arguably play the largest role in the game – the favorite meals of the two 1940s time travelers brought several decades into the future. However, Takatoshi Hijiyama’s beloved yakisoba pan edges out “hemborger” primarily due to his sheer devotion to the meal. Several scenes in Takatoshi’s story consist of him attempting to scrounge up money to afford just one yakisoba pan from the cafeteria, and his speeches about the noodles, the bread, the sauce, and every part of this popular street / festival food made me consistently hungry. Takatoshi’s pure love for and devotion to yakisoba pan shines through throughout 13 Sentinels, to the point where I actually learned how to cook the stuff myself. Without question, yakisoba pan is the most delicious and plot-relevant of all the food in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and nothing else even came close to claiming the top spot.

Which food item in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim would you like to eat the most? Would you re-order this list, or keep it the same? Have you tried to make any of Atlus’s 13 Sentinels-themed recipes yourself? Comment below and let us know!

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Joseph Kasak
Joseph Kasak
8 months ago

They actually have your top 3 on their site with recipes and I’ve made all of them and they’re amazing.