Among the Sleep arrives on the Xbox One this week

Among the Sleep from Krillbite Studios arrived on PC back in 2014, it then followed with a console release on the Playstation 4 back in 2015. At the time the game was announced for the Playstation 4 Krillbite Studios revealed the game would also be headed to the Xbox One, although when the game would arrive was certainly a mystery, until now at least.

Now Krillbite Studios has officially confirmed that the game will be headed to the Xbox One this week, with the release announced for June 3rd. The wait for this game on the Xbox One has been quite long compared to the other versions and Krillbite will compensate players, the Xbox One version of the game will offer players the ability to choose our toddlers pajama’s which is nothing special but welcome all the same. Krillbite shared the following information:

On June 3, you will be able to play as a two-year-old child in the creepy, dark world of Among the Sleep. You wake up one night and find the house all dark and empty. Empty, that is, until you find a talking teddy bear that tells you that something bad is going on. It is up to you to traverse the darkness, explore the nightmare-like places, and find out what is happening.

The Xbox One edition will include exclusive selectable pajamas for the toddler! This means you get to choose which pajamas to wear, with no download and no charge. You can dress the toddler in a unicorn motif – or maybe you want a bear? You can even dress in a very special Xbox One themed onesie!

If you have not ever played Among the Sleep then I can tell you the game is certainly interesting, the games usage of a baby as the playable character adds a certain dynamic to the game which makes the world a bit more frightening, more importantly it is the baby’s perception of reality that made for a fascinating topic. If you want to know more about the game you can read my review here.


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