Among Us Developers Tease New Map

Last month, Innersloth, the developer of 2020 viral hit Among Us, announced that they had canceled plans for an upcoming Among Us 2 in order to focus on improving and expanding the existing game. Innersloth also confirmed that a new playable map was in the works, and would be released sometime in the future. The new map was hinted to be connected in some way to the developer’s previous series, the Henry Stickmin Collection.

Today, the official Among Us Twitter account revealed a sneak peak of the upcoming map, which does seem to be a reference to the Airship location featured in Henry Stickmin.

Unlike the previous three maps – The Skeld, Polus, and Mira HQ – the currently unnamed Henry Stickmin map seems relatively clean and well-kept, with no wreckage or worn-down and broken equipment making an appearance. The sneak peek, which shows only a single area which might be a cockpit or navigation room, also seems to indicate that the map will be relatively large, possibly even larger than any of the existing Among Us map.

The revealed area features a few familiar sights for veteran Among Us players: a WiFi box where data can be downloaded or uploaded, and a wiring box where torn cables can be repaired. Both downloading information and fixing wires are tasks seen in all three currently playable maps.

There’s also a vent, which the villainous impostors can use to secretly travel between areas of the map. However, unlike previous vents, which are often hidden in corners, this one is prominently displayed in the middle of the room. Impostors will have to move fast and use clever thinking in order to utilize this extremely open vent effectively.

A further Tweet from the Among Us team referred to the upcoming Game Awards, which will broadcast on December 10, as “suspicious.” This seems to indicate that more information regarding the upcoming map will be revealed at the Game Awards.

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