Amy Hennig Confirms Departure From EA, Shelving Star Wars Game

Ever since last October when EA closed up Visceral Games, there hasn’t been much information on the Star Wars game that the now-defunct studio was supposed to develop. The Star Wars game would have been headed by Uncharted’s creator Amy Hennig but was passed off to EA Vancouver. Well, gamers can finally put their minds at ease. On June 28, Hennig confirmed at a Gamelab conference in Barcelona with Rob Purchese, senior staff writer at Eurogamer, she was no longer with EA.

Hennig told Purchese she was no longer the creative director of the new Star Wars project, and any designs she had for it had been shelved. She had actually left EA back in January 2018. She just had not been able to make an official announcement because she has been working on her own independent studio. Her new endeavors will be concentrating on virtual reality, and she has been consulting with VR companies and doing a lot of research to get a better understanding of it. As for EA Vancouver’s Star Wars project, it will be quite different than what Hennig had in mind. She also said she would want to attempt developing the Uncharted-based Star Wars game she had in mind but that it had become complicated.

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