Animal Crossing: New Horizons Cherry Blossom Season Ends April 10

The arrival of spring has brought several fun and exciting events to the island shores of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Cheerful Zipper T. Bunny has brought along a bounty of eggs – possibly too many eggs, say fans – to celebrate Bunny Day. Plus, beautiful pink cherry blossoms have been dropping from trees and drifting through the skies.

Unfortunately, this springtime swirl of pink will be coming to an end sooner rather than later, much sooner than most players would have liked. Although real-life cherry blossoms bloom for a full 2 weeks, New Horizons’ cherry blossom season will be concluding on April 10, after only ten days.

With the end of cherry blossom season approaching, players are scrambling to collect all twelve limited time recipes for cherry blossom themed furniture and accessories.

As every hardwood tree on your island will transform into a cherry blossom tree for the duration of the event, collecting petals is definitely the simpler task. Only around 100 petals are required to successfully craft every recipe. Additional ingredients include weeds, wood, stone, and a single star fragment. However, actually getting the recipes to craft your new cherry blossom goods is where the problem arises.

Recipes can primarily be found by shooting down floating balloons with your slingshot. They can also drift onto your beach in bottles, although players have reported that the spawn rate for bottled recipes is lower than that of their balloon-borne counterparts. In addition, Bunny Day eggs have been so plentiful that cherry blossom recipes have often been skipped over in favor of Zipper’s colorful offerings.

Once cherry blossom season ends on April 10, the only way to acquire more petals will be to use time travel – or wait hopefully for the return of the pink petals in 2021. Fortunately, Nintendo has promised that many other exciting seasonal events are on the Animal Crossing: New Horizon. The next featured event will be Earth Day, coming later in April and featuring the character Leif the Sloth.

Have you found all the cherry blossom recipes and crafted all the adorable seasonal items yet? Let us know!

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