Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nature Day Update Now Available

At long last, it’s finally here! Leif the sloth has (slowly) made his way to the tropical world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And, unlike last month’s Zipper T. Bunny and his more than the slightly excessive flood of eggs, Leif’s here to celebrate Nature Day with a new product that’s got players more than a little excited: flowering bushes! Players can now decorate their island with gorgeous azaleas, hibiscus, hydrangeas and more.

Also, exclusive Nature Day promotions are available from Tom Nook. Plant bushes around your island to earn Nook Miles every day while the event is ongoing.

But wait — there’s more! Nature Day isn’t the only thing that this update has brought with it. Developer Nintendo has introduced a patch designed to fix the game’s currently over-inflated Bell economy.

After updating, players will receive a letter in their mailbox from Tom Nook, announcing that the interest rate on stored bells will be decreasing. As an apology, players will receive a gift in the form of a Bell Bag rug, which you can place inside your house. An additional letter, which seems to contain a “thank you” message from Nintendo, rewards players with a world map that can be hung on the wall.

Will this patch do anything to deflate the economy? Currently, fans and industry professionals alike are suspicious regarding how effective it will be. Ways of making money in New Horizons are many, from visiting friends to sell turnips to taking a Mystery Tour to the legendary “Tarantula Island.” Even with the decreased interest rate, becoming a “Bell-ionaire” still seems to be an achievement within players’ reach.

Nintendo of America’s Twitter announced one more exciting element of the April update. Aloha shirts, such as those worn by Isabelle and the Nooklings Timmy and Tommy, will be available for purchase via Nook Miles. I predict we’ll be seeing a surge in tropical fashion across New Horizons islands in the coming weeks!

How have you been enjoying the Nature Day event? What’s your favorite bush that Leif has for sale? Do you think the adjusted interest rates will have a significant impact on the game’s economy? Let us know!

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