Another strike for 38 studios

The developer 38 Studios headed by former Redsocks pitcher Curt Schilling is now unable to meet payroll or pay for employees’ health care. In fact the health care coverage ended today at midnight and employees have not been paid since May 1.

Joystiq’s sources report that the dev isn’t even trying to paint a rosy picture anymore. When asked if they would be keeping the studio opened this week, they got a pretty bleak response, “Unknown at this time. Outlook is not good.”

38’s launch of “Project Copernicus” was June 2013, but even that may be a realistic goal. Nevertheless, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee pledged to do what he could to prevent the Providence company from closing.

Senior executives have also chosen not to go down with the ship. CEO Jen MacLean was on maternity leave, but went to her LinkedIn page to confirm that she left in March. Senior vice president of development John Blakely also fled the company.

On the brightside, 38 Studios’s Kingdoms of Amalur has surpassed expectations, selling 1.2 million in the first 90 days. Not sure how much that will help, but you’ll take good new when you can right?

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