Nethaera speaks on Diablo 3 issues

The community manager Nethaera on the official forums website for Diablo III has given everybody an update on the alleged account thefts, the date of the upcoming auction house, and some other issues and possible solutions.

Since the game’s launch, we’ve applied a number of hotfixes to address gameplay issues, made tweaks to improve our service stability, and performed occasional server maintenance when necessary to ensure that in the long term, players have the best gameplay experience possible. Moving forward, additional server maintenances will be required — and sometime next week, we plan to release a game update in the form of a patch that will further address client issues and apply additional bug fixes.”

As for the real-money auction house, it has been postponed yet again from its May launch date. No updated date has been given as replacement though.

our goal has always been to ensure everyone has the smoothest experience possible when the real-money auction house launches, and we need a bit more time to iron out the existing general stability and gameplay issues before that feature goes live. While we don’t have a new launch date to share just yet, we’ll have more information soon.”

Yet they deny any significant amount of account thefts. I wonder exactly what kind of “general stability and gameplay issues” they’re having such a hard time ironing out.

Nethaera insists that the accumulation of complaints they’ve had about security issues with players’ accounts is miniscule, and again reccommend using a unique passwords and Authenticator apps that will add an extra layer of protection.


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