Aonuma wants to provide more freedom so players can choose their own path for the story to follow in Zelda U

At this years E3 the new Zelda was shown off and one of the main points made in regards to the game was that there would be a new sense of freedom for the player and you could go explore wherever you wanted. In a new interview Eiji Aonuma has said that he wants to provide more freedom to help players choose the path the want the story to take, here is what he said:

The impact of the player character on the environment that has been, and really, having the player experience the impact, is something that is consistent through all versions of the Zelda games, but I want to continue to have players experience that and even build upon that experience. In traditional Zelda games there is kind of an order in which you do things. You can’t do 3 until you do 1 and 2 for example. But with the new Zelda game, I really want to open the opportunities up for the players to really make an impact on their environment and to give them a little more freedom to choose their path the story takes.

Aonuma has a lot to say in regards to new Zelda in the past week and while a lot of this does sound interesting it will be how the final game reacts and how it turns out that will truly tell us if the ideas all work.

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