Yoshi’s Wooly World is set to be even more difficult then Kirby’s Epic Yarn

It was great to finally receive some proper details about Yoshi’s Wooly World from this years E3 and I really love how the game looks and even feels, it has a certain vibe to it that even surpasses it’s wooly predecessor in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I suppose this comes down to the power of the Wii U and it’s capabilties that they could build such a beautiful and creative world.

When I think of Yoshi games, I don’t think difficult or a challenge, unlike with Kirby that I have always thought to be quite a challenging adventure with so many ideas to keep track of. It seems with Yoshi’s Wooly World the roles have been reversed as Nintendo’s Takashi Tezuka has said in a comment below:

“With Yoshi’s Woolly World, we don’t intend it to be for younger players…we were going to make it a Yoshi game. The courses beyond what we have on the show floor will get more challenging. And if you try to get all the collectibles, you’ll find it pretty challenging. It’ll push back.”

In Yoshi’s Wooly World it is possible for Yoshi to die at every turn due to no Baby Mario, include the fact that he can fall into pits and you see how easy it has been to up the difficulty level, I would expect you to be able to draw comparisons to Mario in these points with a twist of Yoshi’s own capabilities

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