Grezzo seeking new staff, asking “Would you like to make a Legend”

In the Legend of Zelda fanbase there is one game that has developed such a cult following and huge fanbase behind it that the Zelda players almost everywhere have called for a remake of it. This game I mentioned is the Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask and many people are desperatly calling for a remake, for those people their hopes may be coming as a recent job listing by developers Grezzo could be teasing something to do with Majora’s Mask or at least that’s my theory.

If you don’t know who Grezzo is then you would be forgiven as they don’t have much of a name for themselves, however Grezzo handled the development of Ocarina of Time 3D and Four Swords Anniversary Edition. One of the pages on the company’s website states, “Would you like to make a ‘legend’ with us?” That’s leading to speculation that Grezzo could be cooking up something with Zelda, though that’s far from confirmed.

Here’s how things are described by GameFAQs’ “sunny_red51″:

I think this is somewhat telling. They do use “Densetsu,” which means “Legend” and is the same word used in “The Legend of Zelda (Zeruda no Densetsu),” like you said. They could have used “story” or “tale” or “world” or any other concept, but they specifically used “legend.” Of course, “legend” (“densetsu”) could just be what they always use, so it could just be coincidence, too.

From the job descriptions, it looks like there are two different types of positions, for this particular project maybe, programmers and planners. Under each, they have positions that last at least six months and positions that last at least one year, with the possibilty for each to be extended. Under programmer, they list “character control, camera, UI support, map management, game progression management, etc.” (roughly translated). Under planner, they list “text supervision, script and data creation supervision, and level design supervision” (roughly translated). It does kind of sound like a Zelda game, but it might not be MM 3D. It looks like they made the Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition, too, so it could be something like that or something new altogether.

I could be wrong and this have no connection to Majora’s Mask but a guy can dream can’t he and it would be a legend.

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