Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will have two very small day one patches

Day one patches in games are a common trend in the modern era, it seems most games are getting released with patches to fix small things as fast as the game launches. Earlier today we heard about a patch for Halo 5 Guardians and recently rumors have been circulating regarding a rather large day one patch for the upcoming Assassins Creed Syndicate taking 18 GB. Well, Ubisoft has confirmed that a day one patch will come for the game but it is not as big as initially thought, when Syndicate launches there will two patches for the game neither of which will be very big. Ubisoft Montreal community developer Gabe Graziani shared the news:

“We actually have two patches that will be available on Day 1,” Graziani said, speaking on the series’ official sub-reddit, “The first patch (titled 1.10) will be 541MB, the second (titled 1.11) will be 534MB. Not sure where 18GB came from…neither of the patches you will need to download are anywhere near that big.”

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