Black Ops Cold War File Sizes: PS5 & Xbox Take Biggest Hits

According to Activision, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to consume a considerable chunk of file space on the Playstation 5. The sequel to 2010’s Black Ops looks set to take up 133GB of space from Sony’s next-gen console, while it’s predecessor will require 95GB.

On the Xbox side of things, the current-gen console will require 93GB, with the Xbox Series X/S taking up an even larger 136GB. Activision does point out however that console users can uninstall specific modes from the game, including Campaign and Zombies in a bid to recover some space.

Players can adjust these settings via the “Account & Network” section of the Settings menu.

As for PC, the full game will need 82GB, whereas its multiplayer eats up a considerably smaller amount of space, (35GB). The full game on Ultra Graphics, however, will occupy 125GB, and probably make your computer cry. Once again, PC players have the choice to remove certain parts of the game if they so wish.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is slated for release on November 13, 2020, launching across the PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Series X, S, and PC. 

Beyond November 13, Activision recently confirmed that Black Ops Cold War would begin integrating its content with Warzone. This means that Season 1 will launch at some point during December 2020. Activision’s President Rob Kostich said: “All the awesome new Black Ops Cold War weapons and operators you unlock and your level 1 to 255 progression will be usable in Black Ops and in Warzone.” Kostich added that it’d be an opportunity for players “to see the impact of Black Ops and Warzone really starting to work together in cool and fun ways. Again, [there are] a lot more details here, which we’re going to reveal in the next week or two.”  Plus, a prominent industry leaker suggested that a sequel to 2019’s soft reboot of Modern Warfare could be due for 2021.

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