GTA 5 Loading Times Proven Faster With The Xbox Series X

GTA 5 will boast shorter loading times on the Xbox Series X. A clip published online by GameRiot tested the load times of both the game’s story mode and the Online world. Beginning with the story mode, from the moment the game is selected within the Series X’s game menu, it only took 38 seconds to launch.

Playing as Trevor, he takes to the streets and hits a car with an RPG. Swiftly, they move onto the online world of GTA 5As someone who dips into the online world of GTA 5 frequently, the loading times can be notoriously long, not to mention joining queues to join matches with your friends, which can be even longer.

Within the Xbox Series X, the loading time for online play does take some time, (all in all-around two minutes). There’s a lengthy gap in time between GTA 5’s story mode and online play.

IGN ran a similar test and found the loading times were significantly shorter if backward compatible games ran off the console’s internal SSD. Tests were run on games such as Rockstar’s fellow Western open-world epic Red Dead Redemption 2, State Of Decay 2, and Control, plus Grand Theft Auto 4 and Fallout 4 on the Xbox 360.

Recently, Take-Two Interactive renewed two key domain names:, and While not uncommon practice for publishing labels to renew their domain names from time to time, it has fuelled new hope for news on Grand Theft Auto 6.

Of course, Rockstar’s sixth installment to the highly popular crime franchise is inarguably a long way off, but a remastered version of GTA 5 is anticipated for some time in 2021 across next-gen consoles.

Plus, it’ll mean GTA 5 will exist across three different platforms at the same time, the PS3, PS4, and PS5. The Xbox Series X and Series X both launch on November 10. 

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