Bravely Default II Now Coming February 2021

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase came with a major update regarding Square Enix’s upcoming JRPG, Bravely Default II. Originally announced for 2020, the game will now be releasing on February 26, 2021.

The reason behind this decision is to allow Square Enix to implement changes suggested by fans after playing the game’s demo, which has been available to download for several months. Changes include revamped difficulty levels and the ability to adjust the movement speed of monsters.

Like its predecessor, the original Bravely Default, the sequel tells the story of four chosen Heroes of Light who must fight to save their world from evil. Set in a brand new location, the continent of Excillant, the game will introduce four new playable heroes: Seth the sailor, Adele the mercenary, Elvis the scholar, and Gloria the refugee princess from a war-torn kingdom. The turn-based battle system of the previous title will return, as will the ability to gather “Brave Points” in battle to perform more powerful attacks and spells.

In addition to the four playable characters, yesterday’s brand new footage also showed off four Asterisk Holders, characters whom the four heroes must defeat in order to unlock new classes which they can then make use of in battle. Each Asterisk Holder represents a brand new Asterisk which has not previously been seen in the Bravely Default series. Dag holds the powerful Vanguard class, Orpheus allows characters to strut their stuff as a Bard, Anihal the Beastmaster recruits monsters to the player’s side, and Shirley brings luck into the equation with the Gambler Asterisk.

Bravely Default II is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2021. The demo remains available to download, while the full game can currently be pre-ordered.

Are you ready to walk the path of a hero? Which Asterisks do you most hope to see? Let us know!

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