Story of Seasons Returns with Pioneers of Olive Town

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase confirmed that Marvelous Entertainment’s beloved farming life simulator series Story of Seasons (previously known in the West as Harvest Moon) is returning with a brand new entry for the Nintendo Switch.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town once again sees the player take on the role of a farmer who starts a new life in the titular town. Once they’ve settled in, it’s up to them to decide what direction their brand new life will take.

Pioneers of Olive Town will see the return of many popular game mechanics from previous Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons titles. Farmers can cultivate their land, grow crops, raise adorable farm animals, and buy and sell goods at various NPC-owned shops. Befriending these NPCs could possibly lead to romance and even marriage – a lucky farmer might even get to start their family in peaceful, gorgeous Olive Town. It is not yet known whether same-sex marriage will be an option, but as it was added to the remake of earlier title, Friends of Mineral Townit certainly looks helpful.

Plus, this time the player will have to explore and cultivate the untamed forest land surrounding their farm in order to gain more space. Hidden in the forest are various resources including wood and ore – and the trailer hints that there might be hidden facilities deep in the forest, each of which holds secrets of their own.

This latest entry in the Story of Seasons franchise will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 23, 2021. A first-look trailer is also available to view on YouTube.

If you’re picking up Story of Seasons, will you raise crops, focus on livestock, or both? Which NPCs living in Olive Town have caught your fancy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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