Bugsnax Reveals Voice Cast, Release Date

For months, the internet has been talking about Bugsnax, the colorful upcoming title from independent developer Young Horses. Bugsnax caught gamer’s attention for its bright characters, unique premise, and catchy theme song, performed by British band Kero Kero Bonito.

Previously, Bugsnax had been revealed only as a “Holiday 2020” release – however, a new video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube account finally gave us an official date, in addition to introducing the game’s voice cast.

Both the Grumpuses and the titular half-insect half-snack Bugsnax are voiced by quite the all-star cast, especially for a game coming from an independent developer. Notable cast reveals include Max Mittelman (One Punch Man) as nervous mayor Filbo Fiddlepie, Cassandra Lee Morris (Persona 5) as the drama-loving Beffica Winklesnoot, and Roger Craig Smith (Sonic the Hedgehog) as the ever-suspicious Snorpy Fizzlebean (and yes, every Grumpus character has a similarly adorable name).

The Bugsnax themselves, although they seem to only be able to say their own names, are portrayed by a stunning list of talent including Cristina Vee (Shantae), Robbie Daymond (Final Fantasy XV), and Abby Trott (Aggretsuko).

While little gameplay footage has been seen so far, the plot of Bugsnax will revolve around capturing and studying the titular creatures. In addition, the player will be responsible for seeking out various missing Grumpus characters in order to repopulate the city of Snaxburg. You can also feed the Bugsnax to the Grumpuses in order to change up their looks in a variety of hilarious ways.

Despite the cute look, some fans have speculated online that this cartoony title could be hiding its true intentions. For months, the theory has been that Bugsnax will feature a twist and become a horror game – a theory which only grew after an interview seemed to imply the tone will be darker than first thought. However, the President of Young Horses did deny this in another interview.

In addition, Bugsnax was revealed to be debuting on November 12, a full month earlier than fans initially theorized. It will debut for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and both Windows and Mac devices. It is currently available for pre-order.

Are you ready to hunt down some Bugsnax next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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