Call Of Duty’s Warzone will introduce new weapons in an update today. These weapons include the 725 shotgun, the MK2 Carbine marksman rifle, the .50 GS handgun, and the EBR-14 marksman rifle. The 725 shotgun is the standout weapon from the update, considering its notoriety after the launch of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare last year.

The weapon was nerfed, with the focus aimed at the weapons damage range, a reduction in its base weapon damage range, and a reduction of effective damage at the hip. A problem with the 725 shotgun initially came from its overpowered range, much to the irritation of the Call Of Duty community who nicknamed it the “Sniper Shotgun”.

These four new weapons will be available within Warzone in both common and uncommon rarities. For more information, read Activision’s blog post. However, there is more to this update than some weapons, there’s a new operator on the way too.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Introduces New Weapons, including the 725 shotgun.
Warzone Update Introduces New Weapons. (Picture: Infinity Ward).

Named Talon, he’ll be joining the Coalition side of Warzone with his trusted dog Indiana. The dog will fight when Talon achieves his finishing move. In order to get Talon’s finishing move, his bundle can be purchased with COD Points.

Better still, two legendary weapon blueprints and tier skips are thrown into this bundle for good measure. The multiplayer within Modern Warfare will also receive a new map. Called Khandoor Hideout, it’s a medium-sized map ideal for 6v6 play, good sightlines, and interior spaces. Plus, there’s a large warehouse for CQB.

The content from the updates goes live at 11pm Pacific Time, March 24. In the UK, it’ll be live early morning March 25. Recently, it was announced the Rust map will be returning Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. The classic map from Modern Warfare 2 has been added to Season 2’s content.

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