Capcom on lack of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 for 3DS, “no plans” for Wii U

Resident Evil Revelations is well known for its original conception as a 3DS exclusive, even becoming one of those games that adults bought a 3DS to play the game on, most prominently this was because of the return to the survial horror which the franchise grew on. Because of the original popularity in the original game on the 3DS it is really sad that the sequel is set to avoid the handheld, and to know that it has no intention of coming to the platform whatsoever.

Producer Michiteru Okabe explained to DigitalSpy why this is so:

“The original game was released on home consoles a little while after the 3DS. It was called the ‘Unveiled Edition’ in Japan but just Resident Evil Revelations for consoles in the West. That’s where our starting point for the sequel is in a sense, the versions that were already on home platforms. It’s partly a technical reason. We have our own custom engine called the MT Framework, and as the mobile and home console versions are quite different technically, given that we were taking the home console versions as a starting point, it just led somewhat naturally. We tried to release it on as many platforms as we could, and that later became a selection of current and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation platforms as well as PC, so that’s how we ended up with that.”

The game was also brought to consoles after a while including the Wii U, but as with the 3DS there is no plan to bring the platform to Wii U, which is also sad.


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