Classic Famicom Detective Club Mysteries Coming to Switch

Put your detective skills to the test with two Famicom Detective Club titles, The Missing Heir and The Girl Who Stands Behind, both coming to the Nintendo Switch. Remakes of these classic titles, which were of course initially released for the Famicom system in the late 1980s, were announced during today’s Nintendo Direct event. This is the first time that either game will be officially released in English.

Both games put the player into the shoes of a detective tasked with solving a tricky – and quite spooky – murder mystery. In The Missing Heir, the player character is struck with amnesia and must figure out their own identity while also trying to discover who killed a member of a wealthy family in an apparently haunted village. The Girl Who Stands Behind, which takes an even more overt horror-like tone compared to its predecessor, sends the intrepid detective character to a Japanese school in which a student’s mysterious death lead to the spread of terrifying supernatural rumors.

Both Famicom Detective Club titles will retain the basic gameplay elements of the originals. Players will be required to interrogate witnesses, search crime scenes for evidence, identify suspects, and ultimately accuse the person who they believe to be the killer. However, both will also be remade with up-to-date graphics, quality of life gameplay changes, a revamped control system compatible with the Nintendo Switch, and full voice acting.

The two games will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on May 14. Each will be sold separately and are believed to cost $35 USD. They are currently planned to receive a digital release only, and can be purchased via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Pre-orders are available now.

Do you think you’ve got the brains to solve the mystery and the spine to survive the creepy supernatural goings-on in these two classic titles? Let us know!

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