Co-Op Train Builder Unrailed Launches on Nintendo Switch Today

Unrailed, the first major release from developer Indoor Astronaut, was announced for the Nintendo Switch during Nintendo’s August edition of the Indie World all-digital showcase. The co-op track builder, which was previously available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices, officially makes the transition to console today, September 23.

Unrailed is a title which can be enjoyed anywhere between one and four players. Together, you gather resources to craft a train track which travels through a uniquely designed world featuring a cubic art style reminiscent of beloved titles such as Minecraft. Cooperation is key, as there are limited numbers of various construction tools available to use. Your train track will travel through snowy wildernesses, tropical paradises and even volcanic wastelands as you work to reach the end of the world. There are five distinct biomes and a number of procedurally generated environments to explore!

The game offers a choice between three modes: Endless, in which up to four players build a track together, Versus, in which teams of two compete against one another to create the longest track, and Quick, a shorter version of the cooperative Endless mode. Single-player functionality is also available if you want to try building a track all on your own!

Indoor Astronaut is continually updating the Unrailed experience to offer new and exciting ways to play. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will feature over 10 customizable and upgrade-able wagons which can be enhanced in order to help your track building experience. Will you focus on upgrading your crafting wagon, or will you super-charge your train by adding as many powerful engines as possible? The choice is yours!

Unrailed is available to purchase and download for Nintendo Switch starting today. If you want to give the game a try before diving in, a free playable demo of the Switch version is also available.

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