The Truth Behind The Anatomy Of A Fall Guys’ Jelly Bean

Yes. You read that headline right. Suffice to say, what you’re about to read may change your opinion on the cuddly, cute jelly beans found within Fall Guys. Going forward, it’ll be hard to look at them and see them in the same light again.

Here goes. Mediatonic, the developers behind the hit battle-royale game, today unveiled a piece of concept art to explain what exactly brings one of the jelly beans to life, and it’s not a pretty sight. 

The results are rather unexpected, and quite dark too. According to the studio, a jelly bean stands at a height of 183cm, (6ft), making them as tall as human beings. So they’re actually pretty big. All in all, that’s not too bad. Then we move onto what’s on the inside of a Fall Guys’ jelly bean.

The skeleton within the jelly bean suit has an extended neck like a flamingo, the bent legs of a chicken, stick-thin arms, and massive hands, effectively making it an entirely different species. The worst part is the eyes, which extrude from the skull to form the eyes. To put it simply, this rather changes everything we all thought we once knew about the cute and cuddly jelly beans, and not in a good way at all.

Last week, the midseason patch update for Fall Guys went live. Mediatonic’s senior developer, Anthony Pepper, explained that “all is not what it seems in The Blunderdome.”

The update has given the studio an opportunity to revitalize the game’s maps, with particular changes found in Gate Crash, Hit Parade, Fall Ball, and See-Saw, and the introduction of “dozens of obstacles, random rotations and, of course, plenty of tumbling fruit.”

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4

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