Elder Scrolls Online Steam Users Struggle With Login Issues

Elder Scrolls Online players are up in arms over Steam login issues. Owners of the Steam version of the game were unable to login the North America megaserver.

This isn’t the first time it has happened – last month players were unable to login for most of an entire day. Although the game is free to play once the game itself is bought, you can subscribe to ESO Plus. Zenimax Online Entertainment offered no additional subscription time for these issues.

This has caused many Elder Scrolls Online players to fill the game’s Steam page with negative reviews during the first outage. Players have found ways to circumnavigate the issue.

The problem lies in the fact that Steam users have to connect their Steam account to their Elder Scrolls Online account. It is impossible to unlink the accounts after a period of just a few days, which appears to be the main source of frustration. One Reddit user found that purchasing a non-Steam copy and going through a series of steps in order to play, bypassed the issue linked to Steam.

At the time of this writing, the servers are back up. Considering that this issue has happened more than once in the period of less than a month, the problem has a possibility to persist.

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