DayZ seeing number of active players drop really quickly

DayZ has certainly seen better days, what spawned as a interesting Zombie game has been slowly decreasing in popularity for quite some time, this is proven with thanks to Steam Charts and the data it shares. According to the charts DayZ has seen a drastic drop in player activity, what was once a flourishing community back in December 2013 where the game saw a peak of 45,398 players online at one time, this figure has now seen a massive drop. The daily peak for the game now sits under 12,500 players which if you compare the two figures is quite a drop, this is made worse when you compare the data from March this year where the game was sitting at 29,000. Until May the game never dropped below 20,000 players which of course means the game is at its lowest ever player rate now.

We have no idea why this is, though it could simply just be a matter of the game having run its course and players just losing interest, or they are waiting for a more finished product to return. I just wonder now will the game return back to the popularity it once had? That is honestly anyone’s guess.


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