DC superhero speedster The Flash is racing his way into Fortnite in just a few days. He’ll be available to purchase on February 13 at 4PM PT/7PM ET, along with a Speed Force Slashers pickaxe, a Speed Force Back Bling, and a Quick Bite emote.

The skin is based on the Barry Allen incarnation of the character, who has made several live-action appearances in both The CW’s TV show and various DC films.

However, today a few lucky Fortnite players will be able to unlock the Flash skin and Speed Force Back Bling three days before they become available in the main game. Fortnite is running the “Flash Cup”, a special Duos tournament occurring only today, February 10, 2021.

To participate, a Duo must play 10 matches within a 3-hour window. The top-ranking Duo in each region of the game will receive a free Flash skin and Speed Force Back Bling. However, in order to compete, you must not only have a Duo partner, but also be level 30 or higher and have two-factor authentication enabled.

Winning a match via Victory Royale will earn a pair 42 points, while second place is worth 36 points and third place will net participants 32 points. The highest-ranking Duo in each region will be determined via the number of points earned during the tournament period.

Following Fortnite’s previous Marvel-themed season, it seems that DC superheroes’ – and supervillains’ – are once again getting some love in the popular battle royale. The Flash joins Harley Quinn, Aquaman, Black Manta, Catwoman, and Batman, who was previously added to the game in 2019 as Fortnite’s first DC-themed skin.

Fortnite’s most recent season was focused on bounty hunters, adding characters including God of War’s Kratos and the titular Mandalorian to the game.

Will you be trying your luck in the Flash Cup? Let us know in the comment section below!

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