The recent season of Fortnite content concluded just a few days ago with a battle against Marvel villain Galactus. Now, teasers for the upcoming brand new season have revealed that Kratos from the God of War series and the titular character from the TV show The Mandalorian will both be joining the battle.

The theme of the next season is “Hunters,” with players receiving bounties to pursue and take down various non-player characters with the promise of rewards. Obtaining bounties will allow you to upgrade your weapon and become even more powerful. This makes both beloved bounty hunter “Mando” and god-slayer Kratos perfect additions to the Island.

Players who purchase the Battle Pass for the upcoming season five will be able to unlock a Mandalorian skin, a Razor Crest glider, several Star Wars themed banners and emoticons, and even a back bling featuring fan favorite character Grogu, aka “The Child,” aka “Baby Yoda”. Although not specifically Star Wars themed, the first month of the recently released Fortnite Crew subscription service will feature an exclusive Galaxy outfit for characters who purchase it to wear.

Kratos was first teased via an audio log released on Twitter by the character Jonesy, voiced by Troy Baker. Jonesy mentions a “man who defeated gods with his bare hands” – and who else could it be?

The Kratos skin will be available for purchase in the in-game item shop. It is not a console exclusive, so all Fortnite players will have the option to purchase and unlock this skin. Also available to purchase is the Kratos bundle, which features an axe, a shield-themed glider, an emoticon, and back bling inspired by the character Mimir.

Finally, PlayStation 5 players who purchase a Kratos skin will also be able to unlock the exclusive armored Kratos style variant.

Will you be playing in season five of Fortnite? Let us know!

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