Dead By Daylight 5th Anniversary Event Begins

Dead By Daylight is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a two week long in-game event.

The event starts today, June 30, and continues until July 15, with rewards given to players throughout that duration. Check out the trailer for the event below:

As with the game’s previous anniversary events, the special Anniversary Crown item is back, this time with a new design. This is a special cosmetic item available to both Survivor and Killer players, hidden around the trial maps. Find one and win the level, and the item is yours to keep. This item will also be tracked at the community level, earning players special charms and cosmetics as the cumulative amount increases across the game. Such bonuses also include two new character outfits for David King and The Wraith.

Other rewards include a 9,000 Iridescent Shard total log-in giveaway per player throughout the first week of the event, which is enough to buy one of the original characters, and a 500 shard discount on all Perks available during the event. There’s also one-off gift of 500,000 Bloodpoints, the currency for purchasing single use add-ons for characters, for each player when they first log-in during the event.

In addition to all the gifts and rewards, the trial maps themselves are also reflecting the celebration, with special environmental flourishes for things like hooks and generators. Even the players’ items are getting in the party spirit, with the return of the confetti-launching flashlight.

Dead By Daylight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also crossplay compatible, making it possible to enjoy the event with your friends regardless of what platform they’re playing on.

For anyone looking to celebrate in a less virtual manner, the team have also released anniversary merchandise, which is available from the official website.

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