Dear Esther’s PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Release Date Revealed

Earlier this year developer, The Chinese Room (Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture) revealed that they would be bringing their 2012 game Dear Esther to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One sometime in 2016, now after months of waiting The Chinese Room has revealed when we will be seeing the game come to the systems.

Dear Esther will officially hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 20th under its new name of Dear Esther: Landmark Edition. The game will cost about $9.99, although this is likely the American price which will differ in varying countries.

Curve Digital, who is the publishing the game has revealed that Dear Esther has been updated to run on modern consoles. This includes updates to the presentation as well as the gameplay, and there will even be director’s commentary. Although, given what this game does don’t expect a much different experience in terms of gameplay offerings.

For better or worse Dear Esther has done a lot for the game industry, back in 2012 it pioneered the “walking simulator” genre which has become quite a big genre in the modern era. Although this game was quite polarizing back when it was first released, it will be interesting to see how time and genre acceptance will affect this game. You can watch the official teaser for Dear Esther: Landmark Edition below:

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