Deathloop Teases More On Mechanics

Arkane Studios’ upcoming time looping shooter Deathloop appeared in today’s PS5 reveal with a new short on how to maximize your opportunities for killing all of your targets within the 24 hour time frame you’re given.

Eight marks scattered over a wide area, and there’s not enough time to hoof it back and forth across the island, much less roll around the perimeter. Obviously, you’re going to have to economize. Time is as much a limited resource as ammunition, even with the fact you’re trapped in a causality loop. Previous coverage has indicated that each of the marks has their own routine and schedule, so knowing where each of them is located at any given time is undoubtedly going to be necessary.


What Arkane revealed today is that you will have the ability to throw off those schedules, or at least influence them indirectly by interrupting activities one of your targets would typically be doing at a given time.  In the example, they provided, mad scientist Egor has his area where he cooks up new and awful technological gadgets.

Going straight for him, though, means you won’t have enough time to kill Alexis The Wolf, a dapper-looking gangster in a wolf mask. However, you can get the two into the same room simultaneously if you sabotage Egor’s experiments before he gets a chance to work on them. This will prompt Egor to visit Alexis’s location, and you can get two marks for the price of one.

Deathloop is currently slated for release in Q2 2021.​

Food For Thought

The mechanic revealed today is certainly one worthy of Robert Zemeckis. It also potentially creates a sense of urgency for players taking on the adversary role, since they can’t be sure whether an incident is set up to force a mark to a new location or potentially a trap to lure them out to be killed.

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