Denuvo Anti-Cheat Coming to PlayStation 5

Irdeto, creator of well-known “anti-cheat” video game protection software Denuvo, recently announced that Denuvo would soon become available for the PlayStation 5. Prior to this, Denuvo was not compatible with the PS5, the next-generation console from Sony which officially released in late 2020.

The company’s statement asserted that cheating is currently a major problem on the PS5, and that many companies were losing revenue due to the presence of cheaters. In particular, Irdeto’s press release highlighted some games losing their playerbases due to feeling that servers had become primarily dominated by cheaters.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat will now appear as part of the PlayStation 5 Tools and Middleware program. Developers and publishers of games for the PlayStation 5 can now take advantage of the software in order to limit cheating in future releases. According to Irdeto, the software is highly effective and has protected more than “2 billion unique game installs” since its initial release in 2014.

Irdeto’s press release also stated that some PS5 launch titles had already been making use of Denuvo technology, but did not clarify which ones.

In the past, Denuvo’s software has been a point of contention within the gaming community and a source of conflict between players and publishers. In particular, DOOM Eternal’s developer, id Software, added Denuvo to the game, but soon removed it following extensive negative feedback from customers. DOOM Eternal players were dissatisfied because Denuvo caused significant performance issues, whie also resulting in security concerns due to its kernel-based programming.

It remains to be seen whether the addition of Denuvo to future PS5 games will be received poorly by players. Much depends on whether or not Denuvo causes performance issues on PS5, as has been reported on other consoles in the past.

What are your thoughts on the decision to add Denuvo Anti-Cheat to the PlayStation 5? Let us know!

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