Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Make Red Fruit Sorbet

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a widely popular simulation game featuring many activities, including Cooking, where players can experiment with different ingredients to make various dishes. These dishes provide energy, speed and other buffs used to complete Dreamlight challenges, quests, and more.

Out of all the dishes featured in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Red Fruit Sorbet is a tasty dessert that is quite difficult to make. This is because one of the ingredients can only be obtained after completing one of the NPC’s quest lines. So, if you are stuck on how to make this 4-star dessert, keep reading our guide to learn exactly what you need!

How To Make Red Fruit Sorbet In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to make Red Fruit Sorbet, you must have the following ingredients: 1 Gooseberry1 Raspberry1 Sugarcane, and 1 Slush Ice. Now if you’re wondering where to get these ingredients from, then don’t worry! Our guide has got you covered!

Where to Find Gooseberries

You can forage Gooseberry fruit from plants found in certain biomes like the Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights. Make your way to these biomes and pluck out Gooseberries from the bushes, which you can easily recognize from their bright orange color.


The amount of Dreamlight needed to unlock both of these biomes is 25000, which is a lot. So, if you are low on Dreamlight, try completing the tasks listed in the Dreamlight Menu to get a few Dreamlight from there. At the same time, progressing through the game’s main story will reward you with Dreamlight too!

Where to Find Raspberries

Similar to  the Gooseberry, the Raspberry is also a tiny fruit. You can find it while exploring the Peaceful Meadows and Plaza biomes. When you get to these areas, look at the bushes that contain red-colored fruits, and pluck the Raspberries there. These biomes are available at the start of the game, so you can gather Raspberries easily!

Where to Find Sugarcane

If you want to get Sugarcane, you must repair Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach biome. From there, you can either purchase Sugarcane directly or buy Sugarcane seeds and farm them. And like the other biomes, to unlock Dazzle Beach, you need 1000 Dreamlight.

Where to Find Slush Ice

Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can purchase Slush Ice for 150 Coins from Remy’s Pantry inside Chez Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley. But Slush Ice unlocks only when you have completed one of Remy’s questlines, The Unknown Flavor, so make sure to do that as soon as possible.

Once you are done collecting all the ingredients necessary to make Red Fruit Sorbet, follow the steps given below to help yourself cook this exotic dish:

  • Step 1 – Head to the nearest Cooking Station. You can find one in Remy’s Restaurant or you can build your own.
  • Step 2 – Select and drag the ingredients into the Cooking Pot. 
  • Step 3 – Click on Start Cooking.
  • Step 4 – Wait until the food is ready.

That is all you need to know about how to make sweet, tasty Red Fruit Sorbet in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While you are here, make sure to check our other Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking guides covering how to make Sweet and Sour Kingfish SteakBoba TeaSweet Frost Popcorn, and much more!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.


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