Resident Evil 4 Remake: Mendez Boss Fight Guide

The conclusion of the Village section in Resident Evil 4 Remake doesn’t pull any punches. After being shown many times just how tough this giant of a man is throughout the game up to Chapter 6, you finally get the chance to put Mendez down for good. Well, you are at least given the chance to try…

Mendez is by far the most difficult encounter at this stage in the game. He is equal parts disgusting, scary, and dangerous. As is the case with many boss fights, Mendez has two phases that you need to approach differently. If you want to escape the Slaughterhouse alive, you’ll need a few tips. This guide will help you emerge alive from your clash with Mendez in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Mendez Boss Fight Guide in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mendez

After the cutscene kicks off the boss fight, Mendez will be in his first form as the two-story Slaughterhouse burns around you. During this section, we recommend staying on the first floor and circling Mendez at close range. He has some dangerous swiping attacks, but you can evade them when the prompts show up to avoid damage. A successful dodge leaves him wide open to return fire, which you should be generous with. Do your best to blast him in the head with your shotgun of choice until the second phase kicks off. You will know the second phase has started when Mendez changes his form.

Looking much more insect-like, Mendez will now be far more mobile and attempt to attack you from range. Now’s the time to gain some elevation and collect the supplies left for you. Simply keep moving whenever he chucks planks of wood at you, but be on the lookout for when he picks up a red barrel to throw. Once you see him grab one, take aim and blow it up right in his face for great damage.

He will occasionally come close to try and strike you, which is when you should switch back to a shotgun and lay more buckshot into him. Whenever you deal enough damage, Mendez will fall. Don’t miss this chance to run up and perform a knife attack while he’s down. After he falls a few times, the big guy won’t be getting up again.

How did you do against Mendez? Did you have enough powerful weapons like the Red9 to deal with him? Now that you’re moving on to the Castle, why not try out a couple of skips like the Cannon skip to take some of the pressure off? Let us know what you thought of the Mendez boss fight in the comments below!

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