Nintendo Switch Adds Denuvo Emulation-Blocking Tech

Denuvo has officially announced that their security software is being added to the Nintendo Developer Portal. This will make Denuvo’s anti-piracy software and other security options available for developers to use when making games for the Nintendo Switch. Denuvo’s software is the first of its kind to be added on the Switch, and the company is Nintendo’s first official “security partner” for the Switch.

The software lineup provided by Denuvo is designed to protect developers from having their games piracy. Denuvo has also developed software meant to prevent cheating and hacking games on multiple platforms. Previously, Denuvo software was primarily used by developers of PC games, although the company has also worked with PlayStation owner Sony.

The partnership between Nintendo and Denuvo was first announced approximately one year ago, in August 2022. Denuvo confirmed that it was developing “Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection,” meant to prevent upcoming Nintendo Switch games from being emulated on PC. This was met with mixed to negative responses from the Switch gaming community, particularly those involved in creating mods for various Nintendo Switch games.

According to a post from Denuvo on X (formerly Twitter), the company’s products, including the planned Emulator Protection, are now officially authorized as Nintendo Switch middleware. This represents the next steps in Nintendo’s ongoing effort to prevent the emulation of Switch games. Previous efforts from the company have included issuing DMCA takedowns against many emulation groups as well as the arrest of Gary Bowser, the leader of an infamous Switch hacking group. (Bowser was released from prison earlier in 2023, but continues to refuse to pay the $10 million in damages awarded to Nintendo.)

Responses to Denuvo’s announcement on X have been generally negative. “Nobody asked for this,” says one commenter. “It’s like coming to a party uninvited,” writes another. Others worry that the inclusion of Denuvo technology will cause Switch games to run more slowly, an issue previously encountered with Denuvo-protected titles on PC. Currently, the post has tens of thousands of views but less than 100 likes. Neither Nintendo nor Denuvo have responded to any comments regarding the announcement.

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