Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete The “Fungeons And Dragons” Quest

The conclusion of Vanellope von Schweetz’s friendship quest line in Disney Dreamlight Valley involves her serving as the Dungeon Master in a Valley-spanning role-playing game. There are a number of “epic” tasks which the player must complete in order to win Vanellope’s game and earn some cool rewards. This guide will cover every step in the “Fungeons and Dragons” quest to help you max out Vanellope’s friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Find The Wizard

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Talk to Vanellope in her house to officially begin the “Fungeons and Dragons” quest. She will ask you to choose a backstory and then put on an outfit that fits that backstory. For example, if you choose a Noble, you must wear an Elegant outfit such as a tuxedo or a ball gown. (Don’t worry – the items that match your chosen backstory will be marked under the “Quest” tab in the Wardrobe menu.)

Once you’re dressed, Vanellope will tell you to go to Remy’s Restaurant to meet a Wizard. Go there and talk to Merlin – only to find that he is not at all the Wizard she means, as he has no time to participate in Vanellope’s game! You instead need to find the person in Remy’s Restaurant who is playing the role of the Wizard in the game. The correct answer is Anna.

Anna will engage you in a “duel” of words. You can choose any responses, although Anna will be most impressed if you pick answers that demonstrate your character’s magical talent, such as summoning a rain of candy. After you’ve won the “battle” against her, Anna will give you a key. Return to Vanellope to learn about the next step in your epic quest.

Battle The Snow Creature

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For the second part of Vanellope’s quest, you will need to enter the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach and head to the very bottom. Once you reach the bottom, Olaf…or, rather, a “ferocious snow creature,” will be waiting for you. To defeat Olaf and earn his key, you must answer his three riddles correctly. Luckily, they’re not too hard, as all three riddles revolve around snowman-related things. The correct answers are:

  • An icicle
  • The sun
  • Snowflakes

Once you have solved all three riddles, Olaf will give you the second key. Return to Vanellope once again to learn about the next step – turns out, it’s time to face the “final boss” of this epic quest!

Face The Mastermind & Rescue The Princess

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Before letting you face the Mastermind who stole all the Valley’s fun, Vanellope insists that you prepare yourself. The preparation steps you must take are as follows:

  • Craft 3 Raspberry Boba Tea from 3 Raspberry, 3 Sugarcane, and 3 Milk. Raspberries can be harvested from bushes in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. Sugarcane can be grown from Sugarcane Seeds or purchased from Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach. Milk can be purchased from Remy’s Restaurant.
  • Equip the Pixel Sword and Shield Wardrobe item received during Vanellope’s “Boss Up” friendship quest.
  • Visit Anna and Kristoff’s House and pick up the orange-yellow book lying on the floor in their library.

Once you have completed your preparations, you will learn that the Mastermind is lurking in the Vitalys Mines. Enter the Mines to find out that the Mastermind is none other than Stitch. Talk to Stitch and he will challenge you to break down the doors and defeat the monsters in the final “dungeon,” the Vitalys Mines.

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Progress through the Mines, using your Pickaxe to break down Cardboard Doors and Cardboard Monster Cutouts. It is recommended that you break all the cutouts that you can, as they can drop valuable Gold Ore and Candy. However, you need to avoid the cutouts shaped like flames, as you cannot break them down.

As you progress through the Mines, you will eventually reach a cutout in the shape of a dragon. Break it and the door behind it to reveal Buzz Lightyear…er, that is, the “Princess” who you must save. Talk to the “Princess” and then leave the Vitalys Mines. (Talking to Stitch on the way out is optional but recommended, as he has quite a few funny things to say!)

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Return to Vanellope’s House one last time. Talk to her and present her with the three Keys you collected to receive the Chest she promised. Open the Chest in your inventory to find “all of Dreamlight Valley’s missing fun” – aka the Cardboard Cutouts from the dungeon, which will now be available to you as furniture items that you can craft at Crafting Stations. You will also get access to Vanellope’s Kart from the very first quest, which is a furniture item that can be displayed anywhere in the Valley.

With the completion of this quest, Vanellope’s Friendship has been maxed. This also marks the end of the new content added in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest update, DreamSnaps. However, there’re still plenty of things you can do in Dreamlight Valley while you are waiting for the next update! For example, why not check out GameLuster’s guides to earning tons of Star Coins, finding mysterious Potatoes throughout the Valley, and more!

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