Disney Dreamlight Valley: Star Path Completion Tips

Star Paths are regularly occurring events in Disney Dreamlight Valley, lasting several months each. During a Star Path, players are challenged to complete a variety of tasks around the Valley in exchange for exclusive tokens. These tokens can then be spent on unique rewards including clothing, furniture, Motifs, villager outfits, and Moonstones. Items earned via Star Path completion can generally not be purchased or obtained anywhere else in the game.

Some of the Star Paths and their rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley have included a celebration of Pixar films, a collection of villainous items for Halloween, and even a set of rides that let players create their very own mini Disneyland or Disney World park inside Dreamlight Valley. According to the game’s 2023 roadmap, the next Star Path will feature more spooky and villainous items as Halloween comes around once again. This guide provides valuable tips and tricks to help you complete each Star Path and collect every token and reward available!

Save Up Your Night Thorns


Every day, several clusters of Night Thorns (generally ten) will appear in one of Dreamlight Valley’s biomes. Players can clear away these Night Thorns and receive rewards such as seeds and Star Coins. In general, clearing Night Thorns the day they appear is recommended, both to free up space for growing crops and to collect the rewards they provide.

 However, every single Star Path so far in Disney Dreamlight Valley has had tasks involving clearing large numbers of Night Thorns – often 40 or 50 at once. If you are nearing the end of one Star Path and the beginning of another, you should instead leave the Night Thorns in place and not clear them out every day. New Night Thorns will continue to appear even if you have not gotten rid of the old ones, practically filling your Valley with these pesky plants. That way, when the Star Path starts, you will be able to quickly complete the “Clear Night Thorns” tasks without having to wait several days for new ones to spawn.

Stock Up On Common Ingredients


Every Star Path will feature a variety of tasks related to cooking. These tasks may include cooking a specific type or rarity of meal, serving customers in Chez Remy, or eating several meals to periodically restore your energy. Although you cannot predict exactly what kind of cooking tasks will show up in a Star Path, you can be pretty sure that they are coming.

To prepare for this, stock up on ingredients that are frequently used in a lot of different recipes. That way, you are prepared no matter what the Star Path asks for. Some preparations you can do include:

  • Plant and harvest Wheat, which is needed for dishes like sandwiches, pies, cakes, and cookies
  • Plant and harvest Sugarcane, which is used to make sweet desserts like ice cream and cake
  • Plant and harvest Rice, which can be combined with various Fish to quickly make Sushi
  • Harvest Cocoa Beans from trees in the Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau biomes, as they are needed for all chocolate dishes
  • Catch lots of Fish, as many fish are interchangeable and can be used in both appetizer and entree dishes
  • Harvest Spices – Oregano in the Plateau, Basil in the Peaceful Menu, Garlic in the Forest of Valor, Ginger in the Forgotten Lands, and Mint in the Frosted Heights

Harvest Common Crafting Materials


One task that frequently shows up in Star Paths asks players to use a Crafting Station to make a particularly complicated piece of furniture or decoration. Examples include Balloon Arches, Torches, or even something as elaborate as a Gazebo or a Clock Tower. To prepare, make sure you gather lots of crafting materials that you might need to make these items. Good crafting items to collect between Star Paths include:

  • Any and all Flowers, which spawn multiple times per day in all biomes
  • All kinds of Wood (Softwood, Hardwood, Dry Wood, Dark Wood) – found on the ground in all biomes except Dazzle Beach
  • Sand – dug up in Dazzle Beach
  • Glasscrafted from Sand
  • Clay – dug up near water or during rainy weather in the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands

Create Magical Enhancements For Your Tools


While you can prepare for upcoming Star Paths by getting the above materials ready, you will also encounter tasks that you cannot prepare for, as they must be done while the Star Path is active. These include mining certain gems, planting and harvesting specific crops, catching large amounts of fish, and more.

There is one thing you can do to get ready for these tasks: brew magical enhancements that will help your Royal Tools work more efficiently. These let you catch more fish and obtain more gems at once, as well as get just-planted crops ready to harvest as soon as you have watered them once.

Enhancements that may help you complete Star Path tasks include:

  • Miracle Fishing Bait / Even More Miraculous Fishing Bait – Made from Dreamlight, Vitalys Crystals (mined from rock spots in the Vitalys Mines) and Red Algae (can be randomly caught in any fishing spot)
  • Miracle Pickaxe Polish / Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish – Made from Dreamlight, Vitalys Crystals, and Onyx (can be randomly mined from any rock spot)
  • Miracle Growth Elixir / Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir – Made from Dreamlight, Vitalys Crystals, and Rich Soil (will randomly spawn when harvesting crops)

Generally, “Miracle” Elixirs will last for ten uses, while “Even More Miraculous” Elixirs will last for 25 to 50 uses. Having several of these Elixirs pre-brewed and ready when a Star Path starts will prepare you to complete a wide variety of tasks much more quickly than you might otherwise be able to.

These are GameLuster’s best tips and tricks for completing Star Paths quickly and efficiently in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Do you have any tips of your own that you would like to share? Comment below and let us know! Plus, check out GameLuster’s other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides to learn how to recruit Vanellope von Schweetz, complete the quests in the Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle, and much, much more!

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