Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailers Show Off Base Goku and Vegeta

Two new trailers have been released for Dragon Ball FighterZ, showing off the next new DLC characters, Base Goku and Base Vegeta.

In the two trailers (seen below), we get to see Goku and Vegeta in action. Though they are not in their powered up forms, it seems that they will still be able to hang with the rest of the game’s cast. The two pack a powerful punch, and use techniques that were seen in Dragon Ball Z’s early days. Both characters will be a part of the title’s Season Pass, and will release in early August.

Bandai Namco revealed recently that there will be a beta for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which releases in September. The beta will take place sometime in August, though no definitive date has been given. It was also revealed that the Switch version of FighterZ will feature two-versus-two and one-versus-one modes. There will also be an offline six-player party match mode.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is availabe now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will be making its way onto the Nintendo Switch on September 28th.

Are you excited form Base Goku and Base Vegeta? Let us know in the comments below. 

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