EA Announced Price Increase For EA Play

Looks like things are going to get a little more pricey for EA fans, as according to a new report from Game industry.biz, EA is looking to increase the price of the Standard tier for its subscription service, EA Play. To make matters even more interesting, the pricing changes will be effective as early as May 10. As of writing, many new subscribers of EA Play are already on the new prices.

EA Play has been around for quite some time since its initial launch back in 2014. Though it was originally only available on Xbox One but eventually came to PS4 in 2019 and finally to PC in 2020. The service works similar to Xbox’s Game Pass, and subscribers will be able to play titles from a limited list of items. As for the price changes, the standard tier for EA Play is increasing to $5.99 per month from the original $4.99. There will also be changes made to the yearly option which will be changing to $39.99 from $29.99. The Pro Tier will also receive an increase, raising the effective price to $16.99 per month or $119.99 per year.

Unfortunately, EA hasn’t been the only online company that is implementing changes to their subscription services. Microsoft previously set in increased prices for Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on consoles, Sony announced price increases for PlayStation Plus’s annual subscription in September last year, and it feels almost every video streaming service also hiked prices lately. It seems nobody is safe from the price hike.

We’ve yet to get an official date as to when these changes will be implemented, but only time will tell how well these changes will be received by gamers.

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