A Dead Space 2 Remake Is Not Happening

The remake of the original Dead Space came out in 2023 and performed fairly well, many fans had also hoped that EA would be remaking the other two games in the series and fix the numerous problems with the titles that came with them when they initially launched. Unfortunately, fans will be disappointed to know that despite getting a remake of the first Dead Space game, it is unlikely we will get another, as all reports of Dead Space 2 Remake have been denied by EA as it was never even in the works.

These comments were made after Jeff Grubb claimed that EA Native was in the early planning stages of a Dead Space 2 Remake but ended up shelving the project due to the less than stellar reception of the first remake. However, it has been confirmed that this was never the case, and according to a tweet made by industry insider Jason Schreiber, an EA spokesperson has said that there was “no validity to the story”.

However, there was a slight granule of truth to the original story, as in the article that was posted by Bloomberg, EA Motive was indeed in the early planning stages of a Dead Space project. Granted, this was for a new Dead Space game and not a remake for Dead Space 2. Unfortunately, the poor reception of the Dead Space Remake did negatively impact the project, and the team instead decided to shift their focus onto other projects.

While it is very sad that we likely we won’t hear anything Dead Space related anytime soon, it does give us an interesting look at the commercial performance of the Dead Space Remake. This is due to the fact that despite it earning the title of best-selling title of January 2023 in the U.S, the game still failed to meet the expectations set by the company. With EA Motive moving on to other projects, we will hopefully hear about those soon, especially the Iron Man game which has been radio silent for quite some time.

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